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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

STAT372 Stochastic Modelling

First Semester
18 points

An introduction to models for data that are observed over time and space. Stochastic models have been applied to natural phenomena such as outbreaks of infectious diseases, crimes, financial downturns, stock market return, transitions between high and low economic growth, accident related insurance claims, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and forest fires. Real data from economics, finance, geosciences, social sciences and epidemiology will be used to introduce various stochastic models and their assumptions.

Main topics


STAT 270 or 261





Final mark

Your final mark F in the paper will be calculated according to this formula:

F = 0.6E + 0.25A + 0.15T


and all quantities are expressed as percentages.

While we strive to keep details as accurate and up-to-date as possible, information given here should be regarded as provisional. Individual lecturers will confirm teaching and assessment methods.