Te Tari Pāngarau me te Tatauranga
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

STAT399 Special Topic – Statistical Computing

Second Semester
18 points

Fundamental to modern statistical practice is proficiency in the use of specialised software packages. This course introduces students to the world of statistical computing, which encompasses fundamental programming skills motivated by handling and manipulating data, and how this relates to exploratory data analysis, visualisation, model fitting, and numerical simulation. Focus is on implementation in the R language and associated markup tools. Many of the skills students learn are transportable to other statistics packages.


(STAT 241 or STAT 210 or FINC 203 or ECON 210) and 18 additional points of STAT at 200-level or above


STAT 260, 380





Final mark

Your final mark F in the paper will be calculated according to this formula:

F = 0.5E + 0.35A + 0.15T


and all quantities are expressed as percentages.

While we strive to keep details as accurate and up-to-date as possible, information given here should be regarded as provisional. Individual lecturers will confirm teaching and assessment methods.