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Impairment and disabilities

If you have a disability, impairment, injury or medical condition that affects your ability to study, Disability Information and Support may be able to help you.

Students requesting special consideration for internal assessment must provide a signed declaration and provide supporting documentation as appropriate.

Resources for INFO420

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2019 Assignments and Tutorials

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Assignment 1 (pdf file)169 K  
Assignment 1 (rmd file)4 K  
Assignment 1 solutions5 K  
Assignment 24 K  
Assignment 2 solutions5 K  
Assignment 34 K  
Assignment 3 solutions5 K  
Assignment 45 K  
Assignment 4 solutions9 K  
Assignment 55 K  
Assignment 5 solutions8 K  
Assignment 64 K  
Assignment 74 K  
Assignment 7 solutions7 K  
Assignment 83 K  
Assignment 8 solutions5 K  
Tutorial 1 (pdf file)154 K  
Tutorial 1 (rmd file)6 K  
Tutorial 1 solutions7 K  
Tutorial 23 K  
Tutorial 2 solutions5 K  
Tutorial 33 K  
Tutorial 3 solutions6 K  
Tutorial 46 K  
Tutorial 4 solutions10 K  
Tutorial 53 K  
Tutorial 5 solutions6 K  
Tutorial 66 K  
Tutorial 6 solutions9 K  
Tutorial 71 K  

2019 Data

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AKI dataset15 K  
Baseball dataset9 K  
Bodyfat dataset1 K  
Climate simulation crash dataset245 K  
Credit dataset24 K  
Tutorial 1 dataset75 K  
Tutorial 2 dataset2 K  
Tutorial 3 dataset1 K  
Tutorial 5 dataset1 K  
Tutorial 6 dataset1 K  
Work hours dataset1 K  

2019 Lecture slides

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Lecture 1242 K  
Lecture 2431 K  
Lecture 3268 K  
Lecture 4330 K  
Lecture 5384 K  
Lecture 6510 K  
Lecture 7272 K  
Lecture 82301 K  
Lecture 91820 K  
Lecture 10209 K  
Lecture 11491 K  
Lecture 12303 K  
Lecture 131480 K  
Lecture 141095 K  
Recap lecture211 K  

2019 Lecture slides for printing

Lecture 1238 K  
Lecture 2425 K  
Lecture 3261 K  
Lecture 4322 K  
Lecture 5380 K  
Lecture 6504 K  
Lecture 7269 K  
Lecture 82249 K  
Lecture 91775 K  
Lecture 10206 K  
Lecture 11480 K  
Lecture 12298 K  
Lecture 131460 K  
Lecture 141090 K  
Recap lecture207 K  

2019 Resources

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Computing overview .Rmd file15 K  
Computing overview228 K  
Course outline101 K  
Intelligible Models for HealthCare paper1205 K  
Lecture 9 GAM classification code1 K  
Lecture 12 PCA plotting example1 K  
Rmarkdown reference533 K  

2019 Test and Exam

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Front page of exam112 K  
Practice exam questions143 K  
Practice exam solutions156 K  
Practice test without solutions139 K  
Practice test with solutions157 K  

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