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Resources for Stat311

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2019 Articles

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Coffee (Angelino et al)356 K  
Golden Trevally example137 K  
Gout (Gallo et al)221 K  
Meat (Watson et al)381 K  
Ocean change (Boyd et al)218 K  
Ocean change (Cornwall et al)397 K  
Ocean change (Fabricius et al)595 K  
Wine (Vidal et al)338 K  

2019 Assignments

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STAT311 Assignment 168 K  
STAT311 Assignment 1 suggested answer74 K  
STAT311 Assignment 2916 K  
STAT311 Assignment 2 suggested answers935 K  
STAT 311 Assignment 340 K  
STAT 311 Assignment 3 Solutions85 K  
STAT 311 Assignment 3 Tutorial Solutions59 K  
STAT 311 Assignment 448 K  
STAT 311 Assignment 4 Tutorial Solutions35 K  
STAT 311 Assignment 5250 K  
STAT 311 Assignment 5 Tutorial Solutions257 K  

2019 Case studies

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STAT311 Case Studies OA-2732 K  
STAT311 Gout Case Studies539 K  
STAT311 HIV case study1837 K  
STAT 311 Sensory Testing Case Studies30 K  

2019 Course information

2019 STAT 311 Design of Research Studies - Course outline111 K  
2019 STAT311 Lecture timetable 8 April 201956 K  

2019 Lecture slides

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Māori Ethical Frameworks List693 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 1 - Part 11676 K  
STAT311 Lecture 2 Gout Case Studies5294 K  
STAT311 Lecture 2 Maori Research5979 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 3 Coffee Case Study130 K  
STAT311 Lecture 3 Ocean Acidification Case Study1819 K  
STAT311 Lecture 4 Part 1 Case study HIV5583 K  
STAT311 Lecture 4 Part 2 Research questions2575 K  
STAT311 Lecture 5 Research questions to aims1082 K  
STAT311 Lecture 6 Types of study designs3368 K  
STAT311 Lecture 7 Types of study designs1563 K  
STAT311 Lecture 8 Causation2066 K  
STAT311 Lecture 9 Causation and models1972 K  
STAT311 Lecture 10 models1670 K  
STAT311 Lecture11 Measurement251 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 12 Reliability and validity150 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 13 Sample size117 K  
STAT 311 Lecture14 Sources of Variation and Correlation180 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 15 Units of Replication and Analysis156 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 16 Analysis of correlated data179 K  
STAT311 Lecture 17 Sampling898 K  
STAT311 Lecture 18 Ecological Sampling106 K  
STAT311 Lecture 19 Sampling 3975 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 20 Randomisation and Blocking97 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 21 Balance in Block Designs101 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 21 Capsicum example R code and output20 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 22 Factorial Designs98 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 23 Quantitative Factors and Split-plots72 K  
STAT311 Lecture 25 Observational1 Prospective notes536 K  
STAT311 Lecture 26 Observational2 RetrospectiveCaseControl notes472 K  
STAT311 Lecture 27 Observational3 NaturalExpt notes1138 K  
STAT311 Lecture 28 Posters notes1235 K  
STAT311 Lecture 29 Bias1 slides529 K  
STAT 311 Lecture 30 Māori Ethical Frameworks23959 K  
STAT311 Lecture 31 bias3653 K  
STAT311 Lecture 32and33 TwoSampleDesign notes499 K  
STAT311 Lecture 34 Research ethics18469 K  

2019 Project Information

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Projects 2019103 K  
Stat311 Group project (Outline)110 K  

2019 Resources

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Birds1 K  
Bland logarithms29 K  
BPdata1 K  
Capsicum data (Lecture 21)1 K  
Choi and Pak 2005401 K  
framingham24 (data for Assignment 5)638 K  
framingham datafile29 K  
Intro2R main2019448 K  
Lecture 13 R code (Assignment 3)1 K  
rmarkdown-intro markdown file11 K  
rmarkdown-intro pdf file184 K  
rmarkdown-reference533 K  
STAT311 R Tutorial Answers256 K  
STAT311 R Tutorial Answers9 K  
STAT311 R Tutorial markdown file8 K  
STAT311 R Tutorial pdf file191 K  
Te-Mata-Ira-Genome-Research-Guidelines669 K  

2019 Test and Exam

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STAT 311 Practice test questions102 K  
STAT 311 Practice test solutions106 K  

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